12/03/2012 The declaration from The New Japan Party & Yasuo Tanaka 2012

The current government’s handling of the state affairs is completely misguided and reminds us of Japan’s prewar totalitarian government in which democracy was dead.

The recently approved consumption-tax hike, TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) participation talks, and the slow response to the nuclear crisis are typical examples of the political disarray of our government that is indifferent to the opinions and wishes of the nation.

All of us in the New Party Nippon want to change all that and to ‘make it right’ in order to build a decent society for the Japanese people. We will continue presenting policies that can lead the nation to prosperity and improve people’s lives.

We love Japan and our families.

Our election campaign shall focus on reaching out to the ‘ultra-independents’ who are fed up with entrenched political parties which try to dominate the election by mobilizing the base voters with their organizational strength.

I know who to protect.
I pledge to protect vulnerable.

We will make Japan a country you can be proud of.

For the people of Amagasaki, for the people of Japan.